What do I need on my first lesson?
On your first lesson, all you'll need to bring is your photo license.
Do I need to pass my theory before I can learn?
No, you can start to learn without having passed your theory. All you need is a provisional license.
How long does it take to pass?
This varies a lot. Some pupils take longer than others, it’s simply down to how much individual practice you need. I've had pupils pass 1st time on as little as 9 hours tuition!
What car do I drive on the day of the test?
Usually, you'll use your instructor's car on the day. I teach in a Skoda Fabia.
What are the examiners like?
Forget everything you've heard about examiners; we are lucky to have a fantastic bunch at the Hereford test centre!
Is the test really scary?
Well...people handle the test in their own way. Some start to worry too late and others, too early. Just remember that the examiners do everything they can to make you feel relaxed. They once had to go through the same test!